Vinson Financials broker

I am in demo with this broker and need some advices which account to open between Diamond and Pearl, my fund is around $500 and I am not a scalper. Besides, can you suggest me a good EA on majors that I can control the drawdown not exceed 30-50%.

Have you checked the reputation of your broker yet?

Account names seem interesting. Have you tried demo yet on each account type?

Yes, I tried both and opened 5 digits account type (allow EA trading). But I need to implement some test on demo first.

I don`t glance at cysec broker or offshore.

I only don’t glance or care to unregulated ones, thousands of brokers came from CySec even the popular ones that supporting this community.

"Classic Trust - EA trading not allowed"
wild delirium :smiley:

Is there any broker offer 1 spread fixed under all market conditions except this broker?

Some brokers have Fixed spread account for trader, not checked but basically it should offer fixed spread under all market events as NFP or FED meeting.