Viruses again

getting a lot of virus notifications when getting on BP again,

Greetings TalonD,

Are you still receiving these? I haven’t had any other reports. We’re investigating!



here it is about 3 hours later and I just got back on my computer and it’s not doing it now. earlier my ESET antivirus would not let me open baby pips website at all, it would close it and pop up a virus message every time. No problem now though.
Here’s a screen shot from my antivirus quarantine
1312247999-clip-19kb.png clip

At about the same time of day, I had a somewhat different problem.

Shortly after 5pm ET, the Babypips site was working fine for me, EXCEPT that I could not post a reply to any thread. I tried at least 10 times on various threads, just to see how widespread the problem was. I could not find a thread that would let me post.

I did not get any warning from my antivirus/anti-spyware apps: AVG, Ad-Aware, or Windows Defender.

I tried closing and re-opening Babypips, and I tried closing and re-opening my Chrome browser — didn’t help.

When I came back to the computer around 9pm, everything was back to normal.

Clint thats not Baby Pips thats the CFTC after you better start using Tor:27:

I think you’re right. There are funny clicking noises on my phone line, and black helicopters in my neighborhood.

Better put this on: Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

They’re coming to take you away ha ha

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to let you all know about the virus prompts that a few of our members experienced yesterday. While there were only two reports of virus prompts, many people also experienced something similar to what Clint described above, including me. The chatroom was also down momentarily during all of this.

It appears that our forum platform, vBulletin, was targeted and illegally accessed through a known security vulnerability. We can only assume that the motives behind this were to gain Admin access to our server in an effort to spread malware/viruses and/or simply take us down.

We were definitely more vigilant in our response, getting to the issue within the first few reports. The bigger issue at hand is proactively identifying our vulnerable systems and applying vendor-provided security patches as soon as they become available. That was already planned for vBulletin - we just didn’t get to it quick enough.

Once again we have to apologize for this mishap. We’re getting better with our reaction, but we’d love to stop an event from ever happening. In the meantime we’ve patched the system and added a couple of extra hurdles for any would-be hackers. We’ll continue to develop our security strategies to keep you guys and gals safe. That’s something you should expect from us.

Thanks to you all for your continued support!

Support Oracle and Admin

wasn’t there a poster recently asking how to become an admin? :smiley: That one didn’t come across as having enough gray cells to mount an attack though.

LOL Totally with you!

I don’t think he could have mounted a plastic Merry-Go-Round pony, let alone an attack

Not speaking regarding a particular person, but that shield might also work the other way. Some may wear it already, lol.

Still got the messages here, of course I have DARPA and DOD security on my machine, figured you would want to know. Maybe its TRO, back from Cabo :slight_smile:

The Ever Chillin VIPER

Greetings TradeViper,

Please confirm for me that you were seeing the virus prompts in your browser/AV product yesterday. If so, did you happen to take a screenshot? That would be a big help if it mentions the virus or infected file. We haven’t received any other reports of this, but we want to make sure we’re clean.