Vivian newbies to flex trading

Hi My name is Vivian. I am new to forex. So I am here to learn and enjoy im d 6.6trillion dollars

Welcome to the community, Vivian. Start with the education section here if you haven’t started with that yet. Then as you go along open a demo account to practice what you’re learning. Good luck.

Hahaha. :blush: At first, I was amazed with the amount of money I thought you had, and then I realized it’s the forex market! :smiley: Haha. Welcome welcome! And yes! :smiley: I hope you also get a piece of that big sum of money. :crossed_fingers:

Hi Vivian! I love this site and it’s filled with helpful content, so hopefully it will help you out along the way. Wishing you luck, don’t give up!

Hello Vivian, You can visit the educational section of babypips to learn many new things.

A demo is the best option to learn all the basics of forex.