Vlom Forex Broker

Does anyone have any experience with Vlom as a forex broker?
They do not share a lot of info on their website and do not have demo accounts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I see they have some very good reviews here but it seems their LiveChat support is having a nap. :roll_eyes:
Anyone else?

I am very sure you know more about the broker than we do. They are new and probably not on FPA list. No one is ready to risk their money on new brokers when there are very good old brokers. Almost all new brokers are folding up within 2 years. Seems like a trend these days.

The first time I heard the name of this broker. Their information source is very bad. see this:

The following can also help you with some knowledge:

It does seem that way.

A friend of my asked me about them but I didn’t knew what to tell.