Volatility Spike

Greetings, posted an EA a few weeks ago that hedge trades volatility spikes. It avoids volatility spikes created by the release of economic news and ultra rare events like Brexit etc…

Still working on that one; need to incorporate a spread predictor to the EA as the Stop Loss was set around 7 pips, so i’ve decided to bite the bullet and sign up for Market Depth Level II to pull the relevant data. Is quite expensive as i’m not trading but doing research but I suppose one has to take these things seriously.

Anyway it turns out the same principle can apply for a higher time frame trades with Stop Losses at 40, 50 pips etc…which should cancel or at least minimize the problem of increasing spreads.

There is edge on all the pairs I’ve tried but the trick would be finding the right Stop Loss distance to use for each pair.

I attached the source file in the event anyone wants to play around with it.

Four Hour Hedge.zip (24.4 KB)