Voltsmarket trade


Any one can help on this?

I have got a message from traders on Voltsmarket broker to invest and start forex and stocks business with their platform.

However, am not really confident about them? How I know they are legal broker and to trust to trade with them?

Hope any one can help on this.

Never do business with people in this industry who phone you out of the blue.

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Dear tommor

Thanks for your reply. Is there any way to verify such broker? Any register in the regulatary website? They are saying, they are under ASCI

Hi, high return low risk, there is no such investment combination. besides if someone have licence from government regulatory, places such information on the main page :slight_smile: Regards Greg

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With that challenge you have to check on their verification on the broker regulatory website

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In terms of work, I liked the broker ExpertOption a lot more. Although I also thought for a long time - is it worth investing my funds, but I was pleased with the results.

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In today’s day and age, how do you check the authenticity of anything? You read reviews about it on the internet. You research and look for the general opinion of its clients/ consumers. There are plenty of websites dedicated for reviewing products.

Similarly, there is plenty of information available about brokers on the internet with respect to their reliability, regulation and effectiveness. You can check the first 5 results and find out.

Anyway, based on my few mins of digging, I could not find this broker’s presence on the web.

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Hi VOLTSMARKET IS 100 % SCAM one of my friend lost big money on it