Volume data based analysis and how to get accurate Volume data for Sport Forex trading and analysis(Wyckoff, etc or any Volume based Analysis)?


There are many Volumes called data available in the market from the Volume data available in the broker’s platform or from independent data vendor. My question here specifically is about Spot Forex trading related Volume data(mainly major pairs):

1- Where do you get accurate Spot Forex trading Volume data for Volume-based analysis like Wyckoff, etc?
2- Is the Volume data you get is the actual Spot Forex Volume data generated by volume data of their client Spot Forex transactions or just considering Ask and Bid Ticks are generates this Volume data?
3- Is the broker’s platform-based Volume data is the actual volume data of their client Spot Forex transactions for Sport Forex trades? And in what brokers?
4- What independent data for Spot Forex is available that has accurate Volume data that is generated on actual traded Spot Forex traded transactions Volume and it’s not just generated based on Bid-Tick and Ask-Tick cumulative data if you know what I mean?
5- Is there any Volume data for Spot Forex that include major speculator, bank, large multinational corporations transactions, and government/Central-bank transactions Spot Forex Volume data?

Tnx and best of luck :blush:

Here is one source of volatility - I know this is not volume, but I have this one as a second indicator on a future plan scheduled for backtesting. If volatility does not exceed “a minimum threshold” I do not enter the trade. Intention is to backtest various levels of that minimum threshold.

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