Volume - help!

Dear all,

I love Babypips. I have graduated from it’s school and I’m taking it easy until I’ve read more and have more capitol available for my account. I’ve lost �180 over 3 months but learnt one heck of a lot along the way, so although I lost, I feel I have gained from it.

Something I am confused about at the moment is volume, perhaps an experienced trader could help out a little guy?

Volume: my definition.
The selling or buying or a contract between 2 parties. One buyer and one seller.

However some exchanges report volume differently - eg London St. Ex. does not differentiate between sizes of contracts i.e. a 500 share contract or a 100,000 share contract.

My confusion - how do I access volume data?
Is volume simply represented by candlesticks??

I believe candlesticks represent price and price is not the same as volume.

there is no centralized exchange, so there is no volume record. It took me a while to adjust, but in the currency world you will not get volume on your charts.

Thanks mate. Appreciate the response - it’s beeing driving me nuts trying to figure out where to look for this data.