Volume indicator

can somebody share good indicator that measure volume and volatility please

hossein, you may think this is a bit trit but how about looking at the slope of the trend, what is the degree of the angle of attack? The higher the degree the more volume. To much volume you get blowouts to little and its hard to make any money because it takes soo long. Example attached, the CCI at bottom is a momentum oscillator, it does not measure volume or trend.

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so you mean something like money flow indicator or force index will not measure volatility ?
and all of them are momentum indicators :disappointed_relieved:

I have not used or investigated either of the indicators you mention. All indicators use basically the same price data and measure in one way or another a percentage of deviation which can be plotted on a bell.

I simply measure the angle of price action attack IE the slope in degrees between S&R. Now you have defined the momentum and the distance to your target.

Next some consider it important to define the time cycle for the hitting of you target.

Along that trajectory market sentiment will cause ebb and flow of the price action. The big boys will lay traps and so on. Therein lies the risk and the profit we trade for.

What I have been earnestly looking into is called the percentage of deviation and its return to the mean. We little folks are only allowed to play with in a certain narrow range of currency movement.

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