Volume Indicator


I was just wanting to know whether there was one indicator particularly that was the best for showing changes in volume. I have seen on a some websites where the volume is shown in bar chart form, but I cannot seem to find this indicator on my platform. I’m using FXCM.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


on meta trader it wont show volume in a numeric form howevr you can get a idea by right clicking on your graph and half way down you will see volume,

it will give you a idea by little green lines at the bottom to indicate volume althought i must say if you want an uptodate on the spot figure its not much good

actrully scrub that FXCM isnt Meta trader sorry

If you use MT4 which is widely available, also with FXCM, you can find volumes under indicators. It gives you tick volume (one tick = one transaction in the interbank net) as bars with numerical values if you mouse over them.

Mind that tick volume is the only volume available in forex and it’s not really true volume, rather a count of the number of price changes in a given time frame. It does the same job as true volume though, more or less.