Volume Key to be Successful Trader

hello everyone, let me have a briefly introduction of myself my name is ussama and i started my journey learning about forex in January i completed babypips course which was good but as soon as i started trading i quickly learned that each strategies including indicators doesn’t work all the time it doesn’t matter if you are combining a trend and a range indicator if market suddenly change its direction it can lock you in a bad position or even hit your stop lose.

i started to try different strategies EMAs,RSI, MACD, NEWS, COT reports etc but still i couldn’t find the answer why markets were behaving such away before i thought that Support and Resistance is same as Supply And Demand but after i started studying VSA i quickly realized that S/R are parts of S/D.

Markets are not fixed yes on times they are being manipulated by smart money(traders with large capital) only if the market allows them to prime example can be Bill Hwang he lost 20 billion dollars in 10 days! it doesn’t matter how well trained swimmer you are but if you swim against the tide you will drown.

Chart is like a language and smart money can understand it fluently that’s how they speak to each other if they want to move the market or not and if we look at it as logical perspective the market will only move if there is volume and only smart money(hedge funds, Banks, syndicate trader etc) have such capital.

indicators tend to calculate with past data to what is going to happen next and that’s how temporarily they manipulate the market but only with VSA we can see the footprints of smart money and trade according to it.

i spend so much time searching why market is behaving like this why even with great news markets temporarily go in favor but later it goes totally against it. but now i understand that i was trading against smarts money’s interest and to make money you have to trade in there shadows.

so guys i argue you don’t waste your time with useless indicators volume is the only leading indicator you need we cant make money with what happened before we need to look for what is going to happen next and only VSA will tell us that.

Learn VSA , learn about Volume Profiling and only than everything will start make sense.

Volume profile is no more a key to the kingdom, than every other style or indicator you have previously tried.

Trust me, by the time you actually get to be a profitable trader, you will have named a whole host of other approaches that are THE key

There is only one key - and that is consistency.

Some might find volume profile works, others that random horizontal lines on charts called support and resistance work, for others it’s simple chart patterns - there are as many keys to successful trading as their are successful traders.

What you are doing is looking for new holy grails, every time your previous grail let’s you down.

You are not alone - I spent years in this cycle

The end of the cycle will come only when you truly accept the uncertainty in markets.

And while you are at it FORGE trying to figure out the reason why markets behave as they do - it’s futile.

Or if are you are intent on ignoring that advice, please look for market catalysts and themes not in a few red or blue candles, or moving average cross overs but in the broad economic and geopolitical themes that make up our world. Quit the gamification of trading, and focus more importantly on macro backdrops.

Once you have found the themes moving the markets, then use your chosen SUCCESS KEY as a timing and risk management tool.

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When we started, we tend to want to study everything that involves trading, I could see some groups defending each of their ideas, graphic artists against tape readers and even within the chart we also find divisions, on one side price action, on the other side , users of technical indicators.
I am currently studying volume based on the teachings of Richard Wyckoff, and I have found that some individuals believe that only adherents of this philosophy will succeed in negotiations.


love this, i completely agree. I think persistence is the once you keep strong and follow a plan you will get there but as youve said there are plenty of wrong roads youll walk down before actually finding what works for you

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You are so right.
Price Action Wyckoff Supply and Demand ICT style trading is key .
Nothing against Indicators but Price is the currently Indicator.
Not use VSA myself but will look into it

I respect your options and i do agree with you, It doesn’t matter if you are one of the best Technical analysis in the world but it doesn’t mean that you can be a profitable trader. Fundamental Analysis can give you the answer of “what” but Volume Spread Analysis can give us the answer of “when”.

I read a story in a book where a fundamental analyst saw a stock and bought it at the price of 3$ but according to his analysis its true value was 6$ he told his colleague about it who was an Technical analysis after few month the technical analysist saw strength in it he bought it and sold at exactly at 6$ after spotting weakness, but his colleague didn’t as Based on revised data, he now saw the stock fairly valued at $9 but soon The stock went back down to its former base at $3 faster than it rose. what I understand from it is.

we know market can move with higher volume and only smart money have such larger capital, even thought we can be fundamentally correct but we cant trade against smart money’s interest. It will be like swimming against the tide

with volume spread analysis we can analyze there footprints and trade with there interest which can be less risky and more profitable.