Volume on u/j per minute

so i am just wondering if i understand this correctly. on mt4, on u/j, on 1M time frame, the “v” figure at the bottom of the window on the right is for “volume”, right?

if so, this number ranges from 1 to 15 etc…

just to be sure, does this mean 1 million to 15 million of volume was traded during that 1 minute?

and if so, the placing a buy or sell order during those times larger than 15 million will have major trouble getting filled if i understand this all correctly. right?

Are you talking about this one?

Actually “Volume” in this sense means Tick Volume or the number of price changes on a particular timeframe. I would call this as changes in Intensity of the price movement. As you can see from my Hotforex platform price made 2058 ticks (changes “Up” and “Down”) for 15 minutes.
Note that Tick Volume have high positive correlation with Real market volume (actually basic logic says that). So with a right approach these numbers can become a powerful predictive tool.

Good luck in your trading.

I don’t think you need to worry about getting your order filled. Whatever you decide to trade is so small that it really makes no difference and in many cases it never leaves your broker as they are the counter party (if you trade with a market maker). The v does stand for volume.