VPS for trading

Do you use VPS for your forex trading? If yes, what is your reason?

I do actually use a VPS, that gives me a great and reliable connectivity. Plus, i can easily access that from anywhere. So, basically to have my trades executed smoothly.


Awesome to hear that you’re finding it helpful! :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


:grinning: :ok_hand: anytime

i use one

i’m not convinced i really “need” it at all, to be honest, but i travel about quite a lot - sometimes with less than ideal internet access - and it’s very cheap and i’m used to it, now

i suspect quite a lot of people use them who don’t really need them (and i might be one of them!)

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I use VPS on live accounts, reason? Stable internet connection and electricity.


Hello Amy!
I use a VPS. Honestly, they offered me a free one, and well, why shouldn’t I accept it?
I think it is useful when you want to access the market a lot and you travel or even go to places where you can’t access a stable connection. Try it.
Best Luck/

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A couple of people have mentioned travel and stable Internet connections as a plus point. Can you enlighten me as to how a stable connection helps if you can’t connect to the VPS from your unstable one?

Unless you’re using an EA or trailing stops, I can’t see a real benefit.

i dont use a vps because i dnot know how to use it but i think that is what they want to say
they dont have connection so thy run their ea and it is online always and it will take care of market for them
i am not sure but i think they use it for that after searching about vps

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You are right. Having a stable setup is totally key for successful trading.

Sorry, may I ask who offers free VPS? You mean your broker or someone else?

Right. How? :thinking: