Vsa trading style my way

i am dont’s use this’s forum i need 1st study here rule…my strategie trand base trading swing.currency strength.rar (98.7 KB)my template.rar (278.0 KB)

This one is high opportunity and low risk… all conditions met

  1. High volume period… (+500 ticks per 5 minutes)
  2. AFTER the news
  3. above and away from VWAP
  4. We were having an upday
  5. low volume… after peaking volume
  6. lower volume breakout bar ends at the high.

We’re Lissnin’ :slight_smile:

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my my Dashboard tool indicator cant’s upload…how is it’s share here:cry:

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A Volume Spread Analysis/CSM Dashboard… 4 TF’s, even includes Commodities & Indices…

You can see at a glance where the GBP crossed above the JPY to trade the short reversal…


Looks good…Was reviewed in 2012 on Forex Factory?

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thank you sir reply…how is upload my indicator and template file here…i am new member babypip forum not have Permission it do

A cleaner version of how to apply the Dashboard using a single Indicator (CSM)

Normally used on the 4H time frame, (compressed to 1H for visibility) you can see everything at a glance. Other opportunities you would look at is all NZD & AUD Crosses against any currency above the 0 line on the CSM and the JPY for a SELL against all the majors…

You don’t have to go looking for the next setup, they come to you when highlighted in the Dashboard…


hellow guys my euraud analysis…i am trading main trand 30min chart and 15m chart swing great fullback re entry…ema 73 ema 200 ema 220 trand way trade always…my chart analysis check very good resuilt me day to day trading…trend is your friends:slight_smile:

hellow buddy i am it’s looking take idea day to day trading focus pair i am use h1 m30 chart london ny session alert on breakout curruncy before entry strongers and weak curruncy

currency strength.rar (98.7 KB)
currency strength tpl

my template and indicator upload guys 1st post

my long trade last week

Hello, I installed this indicators and template but noticed it doesn’t change those circle numbers. It’s not updating.

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Hello, I installed this indicators and template but noticed it doesn’t change those circle numbers. It’s not updating.

can you share chart screenshot?

This is my chart the circled areas remains the same with yours without updating but every other is working perfect

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gbpjpy long

@chalin_saranga @Dexterous1 It needed repair…I’ve PM’ed you both…

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gbpjpy update

it’s great sir thank you…

additional tool looking this’s improve

@chalin_saranga Send me the link via PM…

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