VT Trader Help please

found answer

Hey Codybear,

Did you call their customer service or did you e-mail? Did you talk to anyone or did you reach your customer service rep? When you signed up, did CMSFX assign an CSR to you? If they did, why don’t you try to get it resolved through them. My past experience with my CSR there has been great when I needed something. Even with demos. The CSR wants you as a customer. They want you when you make the millions of $ that I’m sure you are shooting for. So, they want to keep you happy now so you think of them when you break the bank.

I used it at first when I was trying to learn with the charts. But, I found that I prefer to use Metatrader 4 for my charts. VT is great for learning. It’s simple and pretty straight forward. However, once you get a little more seasoned, check out MT4.