Wanna get the wrong things right

Hey everyone… I’m not exactly new to the world of trading but lets just say I’ve exhausted all my shortcuts hence i came to properly learn to trade… I’ve tried everything, bots, telegram channels(including the premium ones), signals from everywhere but i keep losing more and more money. Then i realized, its best to learn and start my own trades… not expecting millions but some amount to be comfortable with… hoping all goes well…



Study hard!

How long have you been trading?

Thank you!!

About 2 years. I’ve just opened an account in Babypips today and just by going through the forum (beginner’s questions) and I’m already learning a lot. This is a good platform. Lots of my questions were answered just by reading the forum. Kudos to everyone who took their time to share the knowledge they have.

This is a wonderful platform


The forum goes deep. Just use the search function, and you’ll find practically anything you can think of.

It would also be good to go through the education section here if you haven’t done than yet. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Thank you for the advices. Almost done with Preschool. Tough juggling with work, life and balance

Welcome to the community! I hope all goes well for you this time.