Want to be a good trader

Hi am Stephen from Nigeria, i have no trading background have been hearing about forex trading but no one to teach me. I hope to get the knowlege i need in other to be a good trader.

Learn trading first. Don’t jump into real trading.

95% lose. Just invest in index funds.

Babypips is a good start to understand the basics of trading. Afterwards you can dive deep into trading like the big banks ( market makers ). Follow the big money and you know where to trade towards to ;). The financial market is manipulated, but that can work in your favour. Just test things out on demo and take your time to understand the concept of the market maker trading ( btmm, ict, wyckoff, supply & demand, maybe more I do not know ). Figure out which works the best for you. Maybe you will be like me and like to use things from a variety of concepts. Experience and time will tell you :wink:

Wat are the first step to take as a newbie

Hi, welcome and start here: