Wanted: Forex Daily Study Group

Im a member on Forexfactory/Trade2Win, but i think the users here are much more friendly.

I’m looking for retail traders who trade REAL accounts, on mainly the foreign exchange market, mainly the majors such as GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF etc. Also dipping into the FTSE 100.

I am online trading 24/7 at home while holding down a weekend job. So i am always on MSN, and would like to find other like minded traders, who take this seriously and research everything they can on financial news and trading tools.

This will mainly benefit people who are GMT or GMT+1 like me.


What kind of strategy do you have mate? Are you looking to learn or share?

I dont believe in a ‘‘strategy’’ or a ‘‘system’’ that people say there are, unfortunately people just want a “get rich quick” scheme, that obviously doesnt exist, and that doesnt make them “traders”.

I use everything i can to understand the charts and take the best course of action, whether that is breaking support/resistance, scalping ranging/consolidation trends, wave-123-abcd formations, EMAs with MACD+RSI, i do what i feel is best for the right scenario, could be anything from the 5min chart to the hourly. I day-trade so i close my positions before i sleep if i have any still open.

I’m after a bunch of traders like myself who want to progress the best they can, ask others for opinions/thoughts/share/learn. Who are trading real accounts at the moment.

Thanks for posting :).

Well, having a strategy just means you know what your looking for day in and day out. The only problem with a thread like this is you will have noobs coming in and firing a million questions.

What do you suggest?

EUR/USD has just broken its range on 5min chart, just past 23.6 fibonnaci, lets see if its trying to test 1.3170 resistance.

Its a good idea. I think a group would be better off but there needs to be a uniform trading methodology between the whole group.

Also, markets are blah since Thanksgiving. It’ll start back up next week.

It would be ideal to have strategic approach and follow the basics especially in working as a team to have uniform outputs.

Every trader is different and some concepts might not work for others.

You are looking for a free financial news service. you can try Newsstrike. It is pretty supportive.

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