Warning for newbees

Im a trader with a lot of experiance using a variety of brokers. My mission is to inform you of the hurdles that might come in your way. The first thing you have to do is to check if your coming broker is trustworthy. Please visit FCA and check if the broker I on their blacklist. If they are, your in big trouble. Google and and be very careful when you pic your broker.

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Hi and welcome,
This is a good warning for newbies, thanks. But way before choosing a broker, newbies should spend some time thinking about what they wish to achieve in Forex and why. This is often a step that is missed before ploughing straight in, opening a live account with the one that shouts loudest on the internet, then settle down to some sober planning having lost their money.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Newbies can start at School of Pipsology here Learn How to Trade the Markets

then start to ask questions on this forum. They will find all information useful and free of charge.

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Amazing Advice! So excited to learn trading in depth and great to have “tenured” traders who are willing to be of support to others who want to learn! :grinning:
Btw, started the school of pipsology and it’s soo much better than I anticipated. Definitely designed for beginners😎