Warning for scalpers and news traders on MT4

It’s no secret that I really hate mt4 for many reason (first and foremost the broker plugins which allow broker intervention). Now I’ve found another reason to hate it. While looking around on other forums it turns out that mt4 has a serious design flaw. If you haven’t made a trade within 30 seconds, mt4 requires you to reauthenticate your terminal. This process takes up to 500ms. So if you are waiting for a news release and want to catch it as early as possible to make the most of it and minimize slippage, you’ll have to wait an extra half second to place your order. The person who discovered this on another forum created an EA to solve this problem, but the EA overwhelmed the mt4 servers and now its banned. So the workaround now it to place a tiny micro lot order and close it less than 30 seconds before a news release (I can’t think of a workaround for scalpers though). I’m so thankful I discovered cTrader.