Watch out of MT4 scam

Good afternoon!
I started some investing using Bitcoin Prime project, who promised to help make money in the investment market. At first, I invested a small amount - 250.00 USD. I earned a little, increasing amount to 300.00 USD. The investment was traded in the mobile application MetaTrader4. The investment took place through the brokerage firm We then continued to work with my contact, who introduced himself as Artyom Gevorgov Igorevich – my finance advisor. He offered the opportunity to continue investing using the so-called “Futures Contruct”, which is said to be 100% safe, in the worst case, I will get back all investment. But a larger amount is needed to apply for this contract. I borrowed and sent him a total of EUR 14700.00 to open this contract. The money was sent through 3 people - Olesia Fomina Igorevna. The money went to my MetaTrader4 account, where soon after that the contract started to work, which had to be printed, signed and the photo with this document sent to Artyom. During the week, the amount increased to USD 48,311.00. Then the amount had to be withdrawn to the Revolut account I specified. At that point, I was sure everything was working. But then, in order to withdraw money, another person called me. The person told me, that she is from Barcleys bank (Bank of England) and that in order to transfer this money to my account, I had to pay 10% tax - 4831.00 EUR. I got another loan and paid it off. Now he gave a new problem, that it is necessary to pay for some insurance, otherwise the bank will not transfer money to the account specified by me. I got suspicious, and stated that I will not make a new payment. I ask Artyom to settle this issue, because I cannot collect the indicated amount - 1500.00 EUR. Later, Artyom seems to have arranged it so that only 1000.00 EUR is needed. I also said that I did not have that money and that the banks would no longer lend. In fact, I no longer trusted Artyom and asked him to prove the situation somehow. In the same time, I wrote to the maintainer of MetaTrader4 - MetaQuotes by email - [email protected] metaquotes net
Nobody contacted me for a week, and Artyom didn’t write anything. Then Artyom called me and said that he had sorted out my situation with the bank, that the bank was ready to transfer money, but MetaTrader4 had blocked my account and therefore the bank could not make the transfer. Artyom said I had to write a new email to MetaQuotes with an apology and a request to cancel my complaint, otherwise the bank would not be able to continue the transfer. I do not believe him because I think that is just the way he can sort the paperwork so that he can lose responsibility away from himself. I also kept asking him to send me some confirmations, as well as asking why the bank or MetaTrader 4 staff did not contact me. However, when I logged in to my MT4 account, I didn’t see any messages saying that my account was blocked. Over time, Artyom remained impatient, insulting me that I had ruined the whole deal with a report, and said that he had paid for Banks insurance - 1500.00 EUR. The odd thing is that at one point I only had to pay 1000.00 EUR, and the other point, he promised that the money would be in my account within 1 hour after paying the insurance. So why did it take a week for him to tell me he had paid and the money wasn’t in my account yet?
After a while, Adams Williams called me and presented himself as an MT4 representative. The way he spoke strongly reminded me of Artyom, both accent and intrusion. At first, he counted money from USD to EUR, which the bank would transfer to me, then he also got to the point where MT4 had blocked my account and therefore the bank would not transfer anything to me. And that I have to write an apology that will rectify this situation. I ask that he send me a confirmation paper or electronically sign his confirmation of job position, so that I know who I am talking to. Otherwise, I just get a call from a man, and I have no means how to check, if he is telling the truth. He said he would send me such a paper, but only after I had written my apology. It’s also weird. After that, I won’t need it anymore. And the more I explain it to him, the angrier he gets. Shortly afterwards, Max Goldman contacted me, introducing himself as employee of MetaQuotes. He did not know anything in detail, said he was just investigating my complaint and would contact me if he had any further questions. As a result, two weeks later, none of them contacted me anymore.

Please, be careful of theese mentioned personas, if You have dealings with them, make sure You can get all Your money back.


  1. you have been scammed in the oldest way, big returns, zero risk …
  2. do you know that metaqoutes is only a trading software producer? (anyone with money can buy a usage license) so I don’t think you talk to anyone from metaqoutes.