Ways to recognize fake and real accounts on Myfxbook

1. Check if Track Record is verified

A green tick saying “Track record verified” must appear at the top of account, which shows that the information provided on Myfxbook matches broker’s information. This means that all trades, deposits and withdrawals displayed here are confirmed by the broker. It also tells you if the account is real or just a demo. Verify Trading Privileges

2. Verify Trading Privileges

A green tick displaying “Trading privileges verified” is also another identifier at the top of account. This means that the account holder providing these results is actual person and has the rights to use the account for trading. It is a way to prevent others from using someone else’s account after having somehow obtained its’ password.

3. Check the broker

At the beginning, Myfxbook started out with a short list of supported brokers. However, with the time the list continued to expand and now almost every broker is can be found. Each trade executed is verified through MQL4 server.

Myfxbook keeps track of each of them, by assigning servers to particular broker. However, it is possible to set up a “fake” server that acts like an MQL4 one to provide trading results. In such cases, Myfxbook will mark these servers as “Other (MT4)” with no actual broker and no green tick.

4. Check Gain and Absolute gain

“Gain” here means the gain from the initial deposit. “Absolute gain” is the actual return on investment (ROI). The “Gain” part can easily be biased if you put a small amount as initial deposit, for example $1. Then, you can add next deposit of $100 and more each time. Absolute gain will be a bit under 100%, but the Gain could be as much as 100 000%. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

5. Make sure there’s no Custom start date

This should go without saying. Being able to choose a start date to display your results means you can just pick the best moments to create a nice performance graph with nobody knowing about your failures. Make sure that this system message doesn’t appear at the top.

6. Account age

You will often find an account that has performed well for a couple of months and then gone bust. That’s why you need to look for accounts with long trading history, because it’s hard to fake success for a long period, for example 2 or 3 years. Of course, anyone who manages to profit for a longer time is a true forex master.

7. Backtest instead of live trading

Now, all strategies on myfxbook are either uploaded backtests or live trading strategies. Live trading can be done on a real account or a demo account. Backtests, on the other hand, are created using price history over a time period.

Backtests results should not be taken seriously because the process of creating them is rarely in the public knowledge and also because they can be easily fabricated compared to live trading.

Here is an example of an uploaded backtest on myfxbook:

On top is the strategy settings of the backtest, while below is the strategy report/results.

It should, therefore, be noted that any strategy result with its subsequent strategy settings on top of it on myfxbook is an uploaded backtest.

Source: Google “GogoJungle ways to recognize fake and real accounts on Myfxbook”

Thanks for that information.

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If the account is a demo, does it tell you it’s demo or just verified as it’s been really opened?

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Hi Rickster, thanks for replying. That’s a good question.
Generally speaking, there is no major difference between demo and real accounts, since both of them run on the same system/broker, and thus should produce same result.

Normally, you would expect a demo account to have extra advantages that can be exploited, which makes them look shady. However, as long as it’s verified by the broker, I guess it should be as good as a real account.

Given that the demo account is manipulated, it would require many complex efforts to recreate its results, since the demo account would be continuously running once verified and any attempt to bias it would become noticeable on the graph.

For more details, please refer to this forum thread: A guide to using and recognising myfxbook accounts