We don’t say it enough - THANK YOU!

Greetings to all!

Thanksgivinghas come and gone, but we wanted to give thanks to all of you that have supported us, both past and present, in our endeavors to educate the masses about this special thing in our lives called forex trading. We took a short pause last week to celebrate another year in the bag - we’re 6 years old now! From our humble beginnings of a “garage” website, we never imaged getting this far or growing the BabyPips.com community to as big as it is now. After giving ourselves a quick pat on the back, we got right back to work.

But what we took from that moment of reflection was that BabyPips.com would not be where it is today without all you! Our hard work alone wasn’t enough to be successful. It was the folks who just liked to hang out and chat on the forums (both new and experienced), the users who pointed out our flubs in the school, the traders who challenged our bloggers to be better, and the list goes on and on… YOU all made the difference!

A big, “Whopping Thank YOU!” goes out to the throngs of seasoned members that live on the forums (you know who you are!) and are always around to help a newbie in need. Your experience makes a world of difference to all those just getting their feet wet. A “Double Thank YOU!” goes out to our Twitterfollowers and Facebookerswho have added a whole new dimension of community interaction and learning to our website. And an “Up High, Down Low High-Five Thank YOU” goes out to everyone who picked and shared BabyPips.com as your place to learn and teach others about forex trading. You don’t know how much that means to us.

Thank you for supporting us! You guys and gals rock!

The BabyPips.com Team

Glad to be here. only one question for you though can I look into that crystal ball please please pretty please. Just once Please :53: please

Thank you for providing such a great resource!

On behalf of all the newbies thank you!

thank you sooo much!!! :slight_smile:

Very nice post, thank you so much for giving us such a nice detailed overview.

We all keep contributing to this forum and make it better and better with our combined efforts

thank you!