We made more then 500000,-USD in 2 months

Dear members we attached a statement where we made more then 500000,-USD in 2 months.Our system based on a mix of strikt margin calculation and and the very important psychical part.

In the most of trades we never use stop loss, because with our broker is possible to calculate the marginrequirement and when nothing more % Margin is available, then we get the loss.But we know before when its happen.

Our question: Somebody knows a broker where the same thing of margin calculation is possible?

statement.pdf (4.89 MB)

strikt psychic know before when its happen but dont knows a broker or spelling? Trippy mane.

we need more information than this…whats your background and experience trading?

I believe we have all the information at hand. 7-8 year old trading record, bad spelling and no ability to look at brokers websites. Arbitrager nailed it wittingly

Roll up, roll up, come and get your snake oil here

Hey guys of course the statement is older and its tradet with the broker fxcm.Im from brazil and FXCM dont accept brazilians.I traded this statement when i was married in germany since 8 years ago.
I explain the margin calculation from what i speak:
Its only with fxcm so i know:For example, i have an 500,-EUR account and i open a trade in the USD/CAD with0.47 lot size, then i earn 3,78 EUR for 1 pip and i have a used margin of 470,-eur.Before i open my order i see this option, and then i know, when i have 470,-eur used margin, and i win or loss 3,77 with one pip, so i can loss 8 pips and then i have a margin call because the account is falling down to my used margin at 470,-eur.
Everybody understand?

For my next trade i have only 470,-eur on my account and for that i need to choose a lower lotsize.
and after winninh trades i rise up after every winning trade my lotsize, so i can loss under 10 pips.My winning trades i close with +15 pips or more or close them at +/-0 when the market pulls back.
I use only price action and pullback entrys.Trades with a good chance to move directly in the right direction.

And that is my question, because FXCM dont accept brasilians and i really need to know, is there another broker with the same margin calculation like fxcm?

I know that this **** mt4 brokers dont have it, they have margincall when the account is falling under 30% and thats too much.

I have the chance to trade fxcm accounts on the name of friends from germany but i really dont like, i wanna trade my own and thats why i ask, is there somebody who knows a broker?

I am just stunned… Everybody understand? how many adult diapers did 500k USD buy?

He didn’t see it… and then he didn’t know… thud

whats your leverage?

Find a broker with high leverage like 500-1 or fxtm have 1000-1 leverage and use a stop loss.