Websites and/or rss feeds to get live news based on Economic Calendar

Hi all,

I would like to know the common practivce for retail traders on the daily basis, to get live the news announcement in accordance with the Economic Calendar.

Babypips courses suggest to check the news on government websites, and on websites such as…and also his competitor Also I would like to know to know the more efficient to get good quality news : to set up rss feeds, or to go directly on these sites (this last taking more time), or to go specific forex websites updating live economic announcement, subscription, etc.

Apparently, it is a recurrent question in the forum.

I found responses to the above here, (knowing I presently use only my smartphone) but I don’t know how to delete the topic…

Hey there, I’m glad you found the answer to your query pretty soon. But now that I’m here, I would like to share that almost all good and reliable brokers have live news and economic calendar features on their website. Best part is that they have their apps too where you can stay updated with live feeds as soon as something new pops up. Do your research and tie up with a great broker. All the best:)

When trading forex, you will also have to stay updated with the latest knowledge and news because somewhere, the news has an impact on how you trade. You better keep an eye on the news so that you can make decisions accordingly.

@visiontool Usually I just use babypips.

You might find a lot of brokers that provide economic calendars and news updates. You can try to trade with them if you prefer that.