Websites or books that speak about analzying your Forex trading data

Any books or websites any of you can recommend that have helped you with analyzing your Forex trading data? I have consistently fallen short taking all the numbers and data i collect while trading and turning it into usable information. Babypips speaks of some important measures but i think it falls short in actually describing how to turn the data into usable information. Does anyone know of books or websites which actually explain how to do this? I have to somehow turn my data into something i can actually use.


…Computer Analyzis of the Futures Market, Charles LeBeau and David Lucas
The New Market Wizzards, Jack D.Schwager

This does not turn immediatly your data in dollars, but gives you some knowledge about the trading habits of top traders (Wizzards) or offers you some strategies which you might use also in the currency markets with some more inputs (Analyzis)

Okay thanks, i have acquired the book and will begin reading it.