Week Two of Basic Training in ICT's Video Series

Hi All,

For those of you newer than I am, today is day one of Week Two in my Basic Training in ICT’S (Inner Circle Trader) video series which can be found on page one of “this” link:


I still have nothing to offer but what I might have gained this last week. I started with the intro video in the Millionaires Guild thread, but that’s just an introduction (But it’s a [I]fantastic[/I] intro…: ). My best and only suggestion is to start with the “what every new aspiring forex trader” link, read [I]slowly[/I] and if you have [I]any[/I] sense, you will take what he said to heart.

This material will change your life.

Though some of the things I’ve done, I had started in times past, approaching this video series with the mindset that it is the most vigorous basic training I will [I]ever[/I] find, I have tried to treat it with the respect I believe it demands. Among the things I have done to get past the first week are things such as:

  1. I have switched to [I]only[/I] organic food. Though the cost is higher, the requirements of my body (brain most especially) are so high right now, that I want the best nutrition I can afford.

  2. I drink a minimum of 64 ounces of [I]purified[/I] water a day and I take a One A Day, plus an Omega3 supplement.

  3. I have started an exercise program suited to my health, age and current condition - with the goal of coming out of this as though I almost had gone through the U.S. Army’s Basic Training Program.

4, I take notes on [I]everything[/I] in the videos.

  1. I avoid DEMO trading - at least for now. I have charts open all the time but I’m only studying the Market and the actual setup of the Trading Platform itself.

  2. I have developed a comprehensive vocabulary list (well, as comprehensive as I can get at the moment).

  3. Since I believe in the power of Love and I believe that ICT does as well, I make daily efforts to give something to someone… no matter how small - the only requirement is that I do it [I]for free.[/I]

There are a number of people on this Forum who appear (remember, I’m as blind as a new recruit after his first week of [I]torturous[/I] conditioning) Forum members who appear to have mastered the skills ICT wields. Try to start to find out who they are.

If you want it, buckle down, shut up, get in line, march until you drop…

I can’t believe the things I’ve begun to see… the things I’ve begun to believe are possible and the stunning amount of POWER I seem to have tapped into.

Good luck, Good trading

and thanks ICT.