Weekend Chart Analysis

Hey Team,

How do I perform weekend Chart analysis when the market is closed? And how do I prepare for Monday when the markets open? What will I be looking for and how do I go about it?



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Loads of videos on youtube about it, try TechnicalFx

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it only my opinion, would nt get too involved GMT Sunday 9 pm through to London Monday .The Weekend is a good time to access how markets have performed the previous week and what levels they are at .Maybe you wont find a good set up and not trade at all, you wont be hung, drawn and quartered if you dont

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The weekend’s a good time to take a longer-term perspective, starting with the just completed weekly bar charts. Its a good time to review market behaviour across all the important pairs and across pair sets by specific currencies to identify the “mode” the market is in and if this seems to be changing. Not at all something you can do hour by hour.


thank you @Paulscaff1 - will do that.

thanks @greenscorpio for the feedback. - understood.

I myself Trade thedirection of the Daily/Weekly/and so happens this month followed the Monthly Trend on these Trades

Throughout the Month their be be high highs and lower lows as you look at this chart. I trade the H1 and H4 chart.

These are the trades I will be trading all month The Trend is Your Friend

My Proof Profit Strategy

Yes I reckon it’s all about finding a set up where there a fair chance of a greater profit over loss ratio,so do your analysis over the weekend,though some traders my wait later in the week and see how the markets are developing through the week .It not set in stone but Wednesday and Thursday s are usually the most “productive” days

I get you @tabiuslee - thanks for your response.


thanks @greenscorpio - I get the logic!

If You find that your losing trades and can be patient , trade the Daily Chart 400 to 1000+ pips per trade.