Weekly Discussion: What are you currently thankful for?

In the spirit of Thanksgiving Day, I thought I’d ask you guys…

What are you grateful for?

There are always many many many things to be thankful for. One of those things for me is the fact that we are currently talking to each other on a computer and/or a mobile device with roofs over our heads!

What’s yours?


I like where your head is at.

I’m thankful for medicine. Some things were completely untreatable 100 years ago. But today a pill clears it right up.


Definitely my family. We’re scattered all throughout the world, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue for us.

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I’m thankful that I am alive today. The gift of life is something I am thankful for everyday. All other blessings wouldn’t mean a thing without this very special gift of life. Every day is a new chance and an opportunity to seize. It’s a new day today and every day is a chance to do good in the world. Every new day is a chance to keep getting better at whatever it is we pursue.

Morning mantra: I am blessed more than I know, I am blessed more than I deserve. Thank you. :slight_smile:


P.S. I am a cat so I am thankful for all my 9 kitty lives. :heart_eyes_cat:


Its the only way to live life, in a constant state of grace.

Funny how when you live like that better things start happening to you.

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I’m thankful when I get to break-even. Lol


I’m thankful for my family, keeping us in good health, and just LIFE in general!

Pretty much agree that just being grateful for life. Being able to witness what’s happening amongst a group of people in a society that has amassed so much in such a short interval.

My kids, my job, my skills, my health, my home I didn’t have to build, my clothes I didn’t have to make, my food I didn’t have to grow, an incredible group of friends.

The most important above all else, my personal relationship with Jesus.

Thx Reno

My favorite quote, haha.

I am also thankful to have you all guys here on this forum and for being able to read some quality stuff about trading. Also, I have learned a lot through this forum which is another thing for big thank you