Weekly Discussion: What are you looking forward to this week? (May 27 - June 2)

Holy cow, it’ll be June in just a few days. We’re halfway through 2019! You guys feelin’ a bit old yet??

Anyways, our weekly thread is a bit late but better late than never! We still want to know:

What are you looking forward to this week?

As always, this could be trading-related or something completely different. Maybe you're looking forward to a particular news event, or maybe something more personal? Tell us!

To answer my own question (because why not right), I’m looking forward to bitcoin’s price movement!

Not sure if you guys have read this week’s crypto price analysis buuut what do ya’ll think?? Is that a bullish flag or does TA not apply to crypto?

Currently I am getting information about the new book of Linda Raschke “Trading Sardines”. I heard a podcast and sounds awesome!

I also book some note books to write the information I am getting about trading, I also got another one to write about programming which I believe is an important skill in trading.

and I also want to use more my trading journal!

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Interesting movements in the Crypos for sure - I don’t trade them personally - what sorts of spreads and liquidity do they offer ?

I don’t normally set myself formal “To Do” targets for the week but this week and possibly overlapping into next I have promised myself to pluck up the courage to read a chapter in a book which I have been unable to read for my own personal reasons for many years !

This is the book ;

To my mind one of the most informative and well researched investigations ever published.

Here is the synopssis;

_"…From salmonella in eggs to BSE, from the Millennium Bug to bird 'flu, from DDT to passive smoking, from asbestos to global warming, ‘scares’ have become one of the most conspicuous and damaging features of our modern world. This book for the first time tells the inside story of each of the major scares of the past two decades, showing how they have followed a remarkably consistent pattern. It analyses the crucial role played in each case by scientists who have misread or manipulated the evidence; by the media and lobbyists who eagerly promote the scare without regard to the facts; and finally by the politicians and officials who come up with an absurdly disproportionate response, leaving us all to pay a colossal price, which may run into billions or even hundreds of billions of pounds. The book culminates in a chillingly detailed account of the story behind what it shows has become the greatest scare of them all: the belief that the world faces disaster through man-made global warming. In an epilogue the authors compare our credulity in falling for scares to mass-hysterias of previous ages such as the post-mediaeval ‘witch craze’, describing our time as a ‘new age of superstition’…"_

And this is the chapter ;

Chapter nine -

Obviously I cannot scan and publish for copywrite reasons - But I’ll type a little bit which I’m sure the authours would not mind …

“No account of modern scare phenomenon would be complete without reference to an example unlike any other described in these pages, although itt is arguably the most bizarre “Scare” of them all.
This was the belief which in the late 1980s swept through the Social Services Departments of many of Britains local authorities that the sexual abuse of children was not only very much more frequent than had been generally supposed but that it was often being organized by groups of adults with riruaistic or ‘Satanic’ overtones. Several such cases made National headlines, others received little or no coverage …”

“… Like other scares this one originated across the Altantic. In 1980 there appeared in America a best-selling book “Michele Remembers”, co-written by a Canadian psychiatrist Dr Lawrence Pazder and an American patient whom he later married…”

The book (Scared to Death) then details a number of these cases where families were split up, children forcibly removed from their parents and “Adopted out” Without waiting for the “formlity” of a court case - and of course even after the Parents were aquitted - the families remained destroyed because “It was too late - They’ve been legally adopted…”

Apprently the hysteria started in America ;
1983 McMartin Infants Scool ( California)
In the next 2-3 years more than 100 trials took place across Americand Canada and hundred of defendants were charged.
The renowned Dr Pazder was “consulted” in many of these cases

The subtitles are;

The Cleveland Scandal - (1986 - MIddlesborough)
Broxtowe - (1987 - Nottigham social services)
Rochdale - (1990 - Rochdale Borough Council)
Orkney (1991 - South Ronaldsay)
Pembroke - (1989 - Dyfed Cuty Council social services )

Here is an episode of “Rumpole of the Bailey” which is contemporary and deals with some of the issues around Social Services behaviour and “Rules” - ANd a damn good watch in any case !

Anyway - that’s what I’m up to - Lol ! :wink:


Had to reply to this one even tho it is on one of these tablet things.

June 1st and we are married 45 years and they have been the best 45 years of my life :slight_smile:


By any chance, was that podcast called Better System Trader? I listened to one ep also with her in it! Can’t quite remember though.

Nice! Do you have one here?

Spreads are getting tighter, liquidity’s fine also.

That looks like an interesting read especially this part: “The book culminates in a chillingly detailed account of the story behind what it shows has become the greatest scare of them all: the belief that the world faces disaster through man-made global warming.” Let us know what you find out!

Aww. What a wonderful thing to read. :heart: Thanks for sharing this with us @peterma! You guys sound like you’re very lucky to have found each other! Happy 45th wedding anniversary and I wish you both tons more love, happiness, and good health! Hope you guys will be doing something awesome to celebrate!

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Here’s a BBC documantary about the Rochdale debacle - from the days when the BBC was a well respected reporter !

The original upload is


click the “Show more” in the uploaders description below the picture and read what is said about the case as well !

Note the elements defined in the “Scared to death” book

Note the reliance on a single “source” (of dubious “science” ) and the zealots (social workers) eager to claim their “share of fame” - The eagerness of the “Media” to “Report” - The readiness of those “social workers” to misinterpret replies, Lead the children, Ignore all counter evidence and simply insist on the "validity of their “scientific methods” - There is clearly No empathy at all from them for the families or the children - the fact that the lad who “caused it all” (in their eyes) were singled out for extreme “punishment”

The book (Scared) points out the “Scientific method” whereby the child is stripped naked and the “investiagtor” pulls apart their buttocks. IF the anus dilates that is then “Scientific proof” that the child has suffered sexual abuse !

A bit like throwing witches in the water bound, to see whether they sank or floated methinks ! but the dates are somewhat different - this being around 1990 !

Quite reminiscent of the “climate zealots” in the “dubious science” department and all the others which Booker points out - Except for the most important factor in Global warming - That it produces massive income for many of the “Zealots” - For the life of themselves or the Scare - whichever ends first !

HI i bought the book pretty much when it first came out, in the days when I was fervently researching to see whether there was any truth in the “CO2 = Global warming” hype - I had already been researching a number of years and from an open minded start was already coming towards the view that the link is dubious at best.

I did cut twenty or so book marks, so I could “liet you know” - perhaps in a similar way to what i did about the “Satanic sex abuse” scare, but I would be several days of typing excerpts and even then I would only be producing “arguments” based on “historical facts” “Science” and “Logic” together with the abyzmal actions of the “Zealots”, their “Scientists”, media and those receiving huge incomes to “perpetuate the Myth” (not least in bare faced lying about the numbers of “Scientists” who support their “idea”

ie Nothing at all of any relevance to the "debate " (as demonstrated in the other threads I have entered on this subject.) - like this one -

We have not indocrinated any Schoolchildren we were supposed to be educating - into marching the streets and social media with placards, nor spent incredible energy de-platforming those who disagree. We have not resorted to ridicule and attacking the employment of our opponents nor called them “Holocaust deniers” - All we rely on is “Truth”

We also tend to believe that “Children should be allowed to play” - Not burdened by indoctrination at an age when they are not able to distinguish fact from propaganda - especially when indoctrinated by someone they have been told is their “Teacher”

The Book gives 116 references of works, books, reports etc used in the research, but of course what Mr Booker & Mr North were not aware of when they wrote the book - were a couple of things which we now know !

a ) Kahnemann And Tversky - “Negativity bias” and other matters - etc

The revelations of "prospect Theory and Negativity bias mentioned here - demonstrate exactly WHY the use of “Project FEAR” - is the weapon of choice for the “Climate Change Crusaders”, "Anti-Brexit " and “Anti-Trump” - We know that "Brexit " for example rejects “Project Fear” and still maintains a majority. Remove teh completely spurious “project fear” and the percentages would Soar ! Similarly the “Project Fear” elements of “Global WArming” are ALL it has ! - There is nothing else ! :roll_eyes:

b) We did not understand the involvement or even the “position” (or in my case - even the existence of) of what we now identify as the "Postmodernist neo-Marxists" who preach identity politics, Equality of outcome and the idea that there is no such thing as “Truth” or “scientific proof” - and that Their “word narratives” are better than our “Science and logic” ! (which can be clearly seen in operation, on another thread of many, many posts)

Hence the Impossibility of reaching any sort of meaningful discussion with the “Zealots” (as shown in that thread and others) and the frustration we sometimes have watching the steady march towards the end of the western world as we know it, which the tactics employed by these far-Leftists child propagandists - and the “University Professors” of certain courses - masquerading as “mainstream” are almost certain to inflict on you and Our children and their children, by this insistence on “renewables” - which don’t exist in any meaningful way and tearing down any reliable form of energy - based on this “pseudo scientific” dogma !

[PS - the chapter on Global Warming is compelling - Buy the book ! :wink: ]

Sincere congratulations, @paterma! May the next 45 years be just as happy! :wink:

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