Weekly hig, weekly low data


Does anyone know where i can find the previous week’s high and low data? Is there a site that specifically gives you this data?

I would think there are a few sites who would give
you this data, but why not just take it off your charts?

Just because when i use the horizontal bar on MT4, i’m not positive that it is giving me the exact high low. I’d rather just get it from a charting source to be sure.

You will need your status bar switched on for this
(top of chart > view > status bar (ticked is on))

Then when you run your cursor over any candle it will
show time, open, high, low, close of that candle.
Now go to the last weeks (weekly chart) candle & you
have all the info you need.

perfect. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

If in the end you need them calculated then go to the
website below.

Pivot Points Summary - Forex Trading