Weekly targets?

But you wouldn’t have thought banks and governments would be losing 80% of their trades…

The prospects of achieving wealth perhaps. I don’t know why losers continue to lose.

At a governmental level, I don’t think all countries trade currency as we do for the sole purposes of profit. There are certain manipulations that undoubtedly take place.

It’s a vastly different game at that level.

Financial institutions and governements are what move the market, and we are riding on thier coat tails. I’m sure occasionally a private hedge fund might take a loss now and then.

The losing statistic is really for retail traders, where most end up quiting before they ever learn how to trade and are replaced with another eager to make some easy money.

But that’s my point, if the losing statistics is for retail traders who can’t move the market at all, then someone else is losing in the actual market who knows what they’re doing. Either that or as said above, they are losing on purpose and moving the market to balance other economic factors.

I agree that the market is totally manipulated, and the “big” money knows before hand exactly where the market is heading.

Us retail traders are merely riding the wake…

Agree, last night was a perfect example, GBPUSD after midnight moved slowly and leisurely up and down and around 1:55AM it moved very fast down.
There was no way the retail trader is able to push it that fast. Maybe Lehman Brothers can (outch, they are out of business :D).