Weekly targets?

Do you any of you use weekly targets for your trading?
It seems to me more sensible to trade and if you hit your weekly target of 100pips by Wednesday then don’t trade Thursday/Friday. Friday in particular as that can lose you your 100pips very easily.
Some people say it leads to revenge trading but I don’t think so if you trade your standard amount on each trade. I’m not saying you have to get 100 or nothing. I’m saying if you get to 100 then stop.

i think that this time is the good time to be melioner with forex …

If Dolye Brunson wins a hand, he plays the next hand automatically to get on a rush!

No. There’s a goal I have each week, but not a target. If I exceed my goal, I just keep going. If you have a profitable strategy then there should be no need to not trade, unless of course psychologically you felt you were overtrading.

A goal is the same as a target isn’t it :wink:
Why ruin a good week by trading Friday?

My personal minimum goal is 100 pips/week, but I really like to get 200. And I only trade extremely small amounts to keep psychological pressure to a minimum.

No, I view a goal and a target as two different things. A target is what I aim to hit. A goal is how often I intend to hit that target.

Your last question is purely dictated by your psychological mindset. There’s no Trading Bible that says Friday is a losing day. If you ponder that for a moment you’ll see how that’s impossible. For every pip you lose, someone is gaining. So not everyone can lose. For all those that are losing, there are those that are winning.

I’m under the mindset that Friday is just another trading day. I am susceptible to winning that day just as I am any other day.

Lastly, I trade on price action. And price on a fundamental level still moves in the direction it says it’s going to on Friday just as it does any other day.

My question to you is, why not make a good week better by trading on Friday?

Of course, but a lot of people believe Fridays are bad and the market does act a bit more erratically. My reason behind this statement is that if you lose on Friday, you do not have a chance to make back that money until next week. Many professional traders have weekly and monthly targets. Now of course, if I’m aiming for 100pips a week but 400 a month, I don’t care whether that’s +100, -50, +100, +250 but it’s nice to not lose pips on a Friday a ruin a good week’s work.

Trade while there is a set-up that qualifies in your system.

If “I do not trade on a Friday” is part of your system then
don’t trade on Friday.

I do not trade Mondays & do not set targets, I trade when
there is a set-up which fits my system, I sit on the sideline
when there ain’t a set-up. (full stop)

If Dolye Brunson wins a hand, he plays the next hand automatically to get on a rush!

Forex ain’t poker, the market respects no one person,
therefore whether you are tight passive, tight aggressive etc.
the market will still kick your a**e if you do not respect it.

You cannot “bluff” the market, trading for tradings sake will
loss your account in quick time.

You’re susceptible to lose pips at any time. If you have a solid strategy you should be more likely to earn pips than you are to losing pips on every Friday.

On a 4HR chart, Fridays don’t look odd at all.

On a slightly different topic, does this work in reality because most people use brokers where their trade is not passed onto market so in theory every trader with that broker could go short at the same time and it wouldn’t matter, they’d all win?

If this is a game of winners v losers then you need more losers for it to be profitable. With all the information out there to study forex or trading, won’t there come a point when at best the market is 50:50?

ie the big players are the ones that move the market most, the retail trader barely moves it any pips at all so the winners vs losers is only relevant for the big players who should know how to trade and shouldn’t be losing.

Yes, you need more losers than winners. The winners need to have a positive edge in the market over the losers. At best due to spread the market isn’t even 50:50. It’s actually a negative sum game due to the spread of the brokers. So if all things were equal, the brokers would be the only winners in this game.

Over 80% of traders lose. That includes everyone from joe trader nobody to an entire government body.

You can only win money, when money is lost.

Now to directly answer your broker question, funds are still matched up with each other in-house. So there are still winners and losers even before the money is moved past the brokers and into the market.

But if most of the market is moved by the big players there must be some seriously bad trades going on by people who are supposed to know what they are doing.

Everyone has losing trades. Even the best of the best. Size of an account or money traded does not give you a winning edge. It is reasonable to assume that even the largest of accounts could very well be losing traders.

Money is relative.

Yes, but you would assume the big players are in the top x% of the market winning consistently. For the big money players to be doing something wrong and losing 80% of the time sounds odd.

Also take a look at the size of the forex market, then decide who
moves the market.
Foreign exchange market - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As I said prior. Money is relative. For every winner there is a loser. For every loser there is a winner. I believe the 80/20 rule runs straight down the line despite the size of the account.

Me too, 1pip=$100.- instead of $1000.- :smiley:

Just kidding

And 80% of people lose! Why do they stay in forex?

“Loser turnover” and consistent losers that trade with negative expectency, but are in denial of the fact and take much longer to lose their money.