Weird issue on TP

Hi, I am using a broker with 0 spread, so far i think when I buy/sell i see no problem but today something strange that I noticed in all of my positions.

I put my entry at the resistance level to sell for a short scalp ( 1 lot, 2 pips). But as it goes 4/5 lower, just 1/5 away from my TP, it is still showing negative value… Only when it is very very near, then it became positive.

Something weird going on or maybe is it something normal that I didn’t notice before?

Update: Make another position but this time it became worst, it went past my TP lol. The broker is lagging?

My advice would be using a regulated broker. Don’t always get sucked into “0 spread” shady broker. Especially if the broker is offering MT4 platform only.

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I am using ic markets ctrader, doesn’t seems to be a bad broker from what I searched.

Hmm…I’m not so sure then. Nowadays, high rating reviews can be bought. But, if it’s really a good broker then maybe just as you said, it might be just a lag issue.

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When trading, the spread you actually must pay is not what the broker’s advertising says, it’s not what the broker’s chart says - the actual prices are the broker’s quoted prices for that pair at that very instant.

Zero spread brokers do not charge zero spreads all the time.

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So called zero spread account doesn’t actually mean zero spread at all times. It means the broker passes on the tightest spread available to them. Then they charge commission depending on your trade size. So you need to ensure your take profit target will pay for your commission. And the spread may be wider depending on the financial instrument you choose to trade and the time of day. They would actually say from zero spread with key word being from.

Zero spread brokers are like the pub I walked into one afternoon in the English Midlands. I asked the barman for some drinks but he said he was sorry but the pub had just closed.
I said to him, “But the sign outside says you are open all day”.
He replied, “Yes, we are open all day, but we’re not open all day every day”.


:joy: :rofl: :joy: you smart a$$ think you can tell me when I should open my pub?!