Welcome Back Old-Timers!

If you are an old-time poster on Babypips but haven’t posted for some years, please check-in and tell us what you’ve been up to!! We would love to learn from your experiences

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oooooooh, i remember when a laddie would shout the prices off the ladder whilst on the phone & we’d plot our lines on grap paper with thick grey pens…aaaaah, those were the days!


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Well I just turned 61 so that makes me an old timer for sure! lol. I dabbled in futures contracts for a while. NY open volatility can make or break you. Never really got all that good at it though and gave up trading for a few years and just now getting my feet wet in the trading waters again. We’ll see how that turns out. I dabbled in high end violins Strads, DelGesu, Amati etc. I don’t own one but have had some close encounters. And generally got on with life as an architect of the matrix or as we call ourselves ‘code slingers’.
Well it’s good to be back, I’ve been reading through the 58 Edsel thread and some of the old technical templates stuff. Those concepts mesh well with happy pants which none of you know about but it has some similarities.

oh, I started riding motorcycles… I have a souped up cruzer rejetted the carb but want something new so my next one is going to be a Z900. Let’s see if I remember how to add a picture…

I was thinking of getting the H2 but where would I use over 200 horsepower, maybe if I lived in Germany and could get on the autobahn.


Hi @TalonD Beautiful bike! Were you investing in high end violins? I’d love to hold a real Strad in my hands. Are the bows as saught after as the violins? How has the whole trading journey been?

Sitting here right now listening to my daughter practice her violin. It’s not a Strad, but it still set me back £3K…

I didn’t invest in them but I know people who deal in them, Dealers and luthiers. I build them as a hobby. My current build is using one of Strad’s rib forms. the PG form. I thicknessed the plates using CT scans of a Strad.

The trading journey has been mediocre but now that I’m getting interested in it again I’m hoping it will be better this time around.

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Oh this is such a great idea! The question now is, how do we find them! Maybe we can tag some of them lol.