Well, Here I am, an old newbe trying to teach an old dog new tricks!

fdeister is my name and making just a little more money is my intention!!! Bills to pay, Places to go, and grandkids to help through college. Who said that raising kids was over when they reached 18? :smiley:

Pay the bill and go to those places first before thinking into trading.

Welcome aboard fdeister,

Commendable aspirations - looks like you have plenty of places to shell out your dollars :slight_smile:

Just know that this forex business is a longgg journey - I personally am at the very bottom of a incredibly tall mountain, lol.

I wish you all the best in this exciting world (of forex) - just expect to be very patient (something I struggle with when I don’t grasp everything as quickly as the young 'uns here :))

Take care and enjoy Babypips school…


I like your analogy. I’ve said before that forex is like climbing a mountain. There are a lot of paths that you can wander down and a lot of them are dead ends. And that’s just to get to base camp!