Well respected trading platforms

I have been looking at various trading platforms and am blown away by what is available. I signed up for a Barclays margin fx demo account but its only 30 days and now they seem to be very keen to help me along and sign up with them. While it seems a very good platform I was wondering if anyone has tried it or is there more respected platforms to use.

I need something intuitive and not over complicated, I am thinking simple but precise information is the way forward but I’m sure someone will tell me if they think different.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Hello! What instruments are you planning to trade?

Thanks for the reply but I have everything in place now.

MetaTrader 4 is increasingly one of the most popular trading platforms available currency. As a result there is now a wide range of MetaTrader 4 Forex brokers to choose from.

MT4 is really the most popular platform, used by several different brokers. How ever, Ninja Trader and Trading Station are two very respected platforms.

Apropos of the subject I found an article on how to choose a software and it has seemed good to me has points to consider, then share them. “How to choose Currency trading software”