Were can i download a pdf of babypips's School?

Were can i download a pdf of babypips’s School?

Officially there is no babypips in pdf format. However there are some guys who take the job to take it to pdf. You have to seek for it in internet. I’ve bought a forex course and did not follow it quite close so i blew up my ac****. So time later i’ve decided to give it one more try and i’ve noticed that into the files included with the course was a pdf copy of babypips school and it was translated to spanish. It was an early version of the actual babypips school. Today if its printed it would be thicker than a bible, that is why babypips is called “the bible of forex”.


No offense but…

The person at babypips that wrote all this material was kind enough to not sell 'it…

You will find a lot of schools, mentor & teaching material that will cost you a few $$$ to purchase that will basically teach you the same thing that you will find in the babypips school.

I do know that it is a little bit of a pain to read 'it since you need an Internet connection at all time.

But, take the time. Take notes…

I would not like to see some of this material going around on the net whit out the authorization from the owner to distribute’it.

In respect to the owner of this school.


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