What amaze you about your broker?

I know you guts don’t like to name your brokers but tell me, What amaze you about your broker?

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Well, mine gave me $250 for depositing $250. After trading like 30,000 units.

I think that’s a sweet deal. I mean free money.

Oanda btw.


I’m not sure if it’s something that “amazes” me cause I guess it should be bare minimum, but I think it’s great that the brokers I use (Oanda and Forex.com) both have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to organize charts and add indicators and trend lines and such. :blush:

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I would’ve said it’s a scam and you’re probably selling something if you hadn’t mentioned Oanda. :sweat_smile: But that is a really great deal! :open_mouth: I wish I got that when I opened an account with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I couldn’t believe it actually. Timing was perfect.

Instant deposits and fast withdrawals.
Also, I use their Introducing program.

Oanda is also supported by TradingView, which I love, so that just makes sense.


It gave you 50 % bonus? just you needed to trade 30,000 units?

What trading platform they offer? Meta-trader or they their own?

How about support department? Do they have a good client care?

Yup, it was a new customer program. I wasn’t with them at the time. So sign up, make a deposit and they would match up to $500 USD. then trade 30K units and 30 days later, you’d get the free money! it was great timing for me.

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That sound tempting. Can you send me the broker’s name?

The importance they attach to the customer and whenever I encountered a problem, they did their best to solve the problem.


I like Forex.com I like their platform layout a lot, and I also like how they execute OCO. That’s pretty cool.

But I don’t like their charts at all. I prefer IG’s charts. They’re magical!

Thanks for sharing that. I take look at’em.

I am working with MT4 , And I am satisfied with this platform I think it is easy to use.

Yeah, I have worked with MT4 and I like it too.

On two occasions my broker accidentally closed open positions of mine. On the one occasion they credited my account with a payment to balance the loss this caused. On the other they reinstated the position at no cost. Both times I had been unaware of the issue until I came home that evening and logged into platform. Now that’s customer service.

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Their responsiveness has been truly remarkable. Every time I reached out to them, their instant replies provided a sense of reliability and efficiency that sets them apart.

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The first thing is how helpful and available the support is, and ten the promotions, I like free money :smiley:

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