What are all of the pro news sources?

Just out of curiosity for the most part, what are all the news sources that financial institutions, business’s that invest, big time investors, etc. use?

I know of Bloomberg news terminal & dow jones newswire.

what are some other pro. sources and/or links to receive the latest news?

Big money use what are called “expert networks”. These are very well-connected organisations that have access to people in many companies and as a result can provide certain well-heeled investors with very accurate and timely data on which to invest. The fees charged by these expert networks are extremely high but worth it for big investors. If you think this sounds like insider trading you are 100% correct and there are ongoing Federal probes at the moment into these organisations. Expect a round of tut-tutting from the regulator, some paltry fines and maybe jail for one or two sacrificial lambs come the end of it.

Thanks for response, but I was looking for ‘facts’ and actual ‘sources’ of news & not really conspiracy theories {no offense}. We all know these inner circles exist but there is no illegal activities as there is no international law that ‘overrides’ internal/domestic laws.

I was just looking for the best way to get the latest news the fastest. & going off of that, out of curiosity, what all the ‘pros’ use besides bloomberg & dow jones services.

with all respect, what the use of a “faster” news source?
the price in what one should trade, as often price action doesnt add on to the expected impact of the news.
i dont see any use to try to find holy grail in news, especially if you have access already to the 2 sources you mentioned…maybe add Reuters to your list?

Who said anything about the ‘holy grail’?

I asked what other news sources there are … I didn’t ask for the holy grail or anything.

and I said, out of ‘curiosity’, which means I was just curious as to what the pros use … NOR did I say I have access to dow jones or bloomberg feeds.

“the price in what one should trade” …

yes, the big investors are constantly receiving feeds of news and markets & they have regressions from this data that they use to place their investments.

I was just curious as to what news factors into this equation also.

The news you receive for free is ‘old news’ to investors with the live feed.