What are Binary Options- My review and Strategy

Before investing it is important to understand What exactly are Binary Options. We will be looking at:

  • What are Binary Options
  • Are they a Scam

[B]What are Binary Options[/B]

In binary options you are analyzing if an asset will go up or down. If you think a particular stock will go down within a week than you would call a “put”. If you feel its going up then you would purchase a “call”. In order for a “call” to make you money, the asset must be above the “strike price” at time of the expiry. In order for a “put” to make you money, the asset must be below the “strike price” at time of the expiry. The major advantage to Binary options is that The strike price, risk, and payout are all disclosed before you invest.

[B]Are Binary Options a Scam[/B]

No, as a whole they are not a scam. Many people have chosen scammy brokers and then lost there money. But there is hope. This year governments have started to shut down Broker’s that are not trustworthy.


Binary Options is a great investment to add to your portfolio. They are easy to trade and you could get started within a matter of minutes. If you have any questions please ask.

Binary Option Investors - Learn About Investing Binary Options

No doubt, binary options trading is very hot industry for the last couple of years, especially now. The evidence to this is that every couple of days you can see new binary options broker on air, wanting to take part in the celebration and all the big money that flows into binary options lately. For the new binary options trader it’s a jungle! It’s impossible to understand what’s binary broker you can trust and which broker is not trusted at all. Which broker’s proposals are good for you and which are bad( like a bonus that you’ve got to role over 30 times the bonus amount). Before jumping into deep water you should understand who is against whom and check which are the best binary brokers in the industry. You should learn binary options wining strategies as well, and with joining the right binary broker for you, you’ll find great opportunities to make money.