What are potential returns?

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I just posted this to the newbie discussion but although 28 have looked, none have answered so I’m posting it here as well.

I was introduced to Forex by a friend of mine who is a business partner with a professional trader. I won’t mention his name but he has been trading in general for 30 years and on Forex for 8-10 years and has written a book and conducts seminars on the subject. She claims that he can consistently earn 15% per month doing Forex trades. Because of his consistent results, they have opened a business where they trade OPM (other people’s money) and pay a guaranteed 5% per month for a whopping 60% per year. The other 10% per month is allocated to commissions and profit.

Does anybody know if these kind of returns are consistently possible in the hands of an extremely experienced and knowledgeable trader? I would like to believe that those kinds of returns are real (and of course I would also like to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy) but I need some opinions from folks who have traded. I’ve never actually traded a Forex account.

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its possible to have such return provided you are displined, done your research and follow ur profitbale trading system digently. lol, i would prefer what system she use! lolx

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maybe I’m just young but I always thought the returns could easily be much higher than 15%…more like 25-30% :wink: