What are some good brokers?

Hi guys my name is Calista I am new to trading forex and want to start out with a demo account and eventually put money into it once I’m ready…what brokers to y’all suggest (IPhone friendly pls.)

Hi, I think you should visit the education section and check this topic about trading via phone Strategy for only trading with mobile phone? Regards Greg

Hey Caliste and welcome. :slight_smile: Before starting out with the demo account, do consider spending a few months understanding how the forex market works. It’s important so that you have a fair idea about the tradable currencies, the technical instruments used to trade better and the platforms you should use.
Getting back to your question, there are numerous good brokers with apps like fxview, forexcom, and eToro giving traders like us real time updates to have up-to-date information about the currency’s value and thus make an informed decision. Just remember to settle down with the one that offers fair fees so that you have minimal losses. Best part about these platforms is they offer minimal spreads and speedy trading times. Not to forget, a fair idea about which currencies will rise or fall in their value.

Welcome to the community, Calista. Try Oanda. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

It is wise that you are starting off with the demo account, the broker is of the utmost importance when it comes to trading. Look for one, where you find tighter spreads, great trade execution and the trading instruments, you are interested into. Best Wishes!

That is so right! All these things are very important while selecting a broker. Another thing I would add is: leverage options given by the broker.

Every beginner should go for a demo account first to trade smoothly.

Yes. It’s good to be on the safer side when you know that you don’t have much knowledge about the platform you are trading in. You might face loss. I have demo traded through various brokers but I chose to continue with Turnkeyforex and XTB. They had low spreads and low commissions which were important for the time when I had to shift to live markets.

There are quite a few great brokers that offer iPhone friendly platforms. You’re going the right way with demo account trading so make the best use of all the technical instruments offered by the brokers to design your strategy around them. Don’t forget to analyze the weekly market trends.