What are some good EA's for bollinger bounce(pref. free)

Looking for EA’s for Bollinger bounce using it for 4hr and daily to assess trends, tried one but issue is that I don’t want alert at initial cross(touch of wick) at upper/lower, I only want to alerts to be at close of reversal candle back over initial cross when the bounce is complete.

id suggest: your god given eyes. best trading tool ever developed. legal copy rights by god.


oh I thought this was a forum about EA’s??? to avoid waiting around wasting time looking at a screen and going out, enjoy living life??? It’s called automation isn’t that the whole point?

Dont be lazy. Build your own.


ok great answers thanks for the input guys. Babypips best resource for forex

You get out what you put in bro. No shortcuts, no magical EA’s.

yah… dont worry youll be broke soon then you can enjoy living life :slight_smile:

No mate im sorry. This is a place to keep you entertained and hang around to give you some warm feeling tht when you do the hard work you will make money. It is designed only to feed you with new hope after you lost another account balance. To make you upload new money into your account and lose even more.

After you saw one strategy isnt working this place offers you another strategy which isnt working and another and another to the ideal “target” of this system is achived: all your money landed in the pockets of brokers and other people.

You will not find any usefull information in this place at all, only thing you can find here is entertainment.

omg, are you really serious or was it a joking comment? :fearful:

I don’t know, but many people want something for nothing and think that a magical strategy, indicator, EA or their own so-called discipline will bring them success. The so-called mentors and scam artists of Instagram offer a lot of motivational quotes that make people think that just because they “have the desire” that they will become wealthy. It’s garbage.

Building functional EAs is hard work that requires ongoing attention. Just because someone published an EA, it does not mean it is a gem and you’ll be surprised how the technical indicator strategies even with multiple filters can be rather unprofitable when performing testing with every tick included. It does not mean that it is impossible to make a profit, but it is a challenging development process and you have to have a handle for the programming languages. Testing over the course of 2007-Current is the best way to get a true sense of whether the EA works… check the drawdowns and breakdowns by each month, quarter and year. What’s the Sharpe Ratio? What’s the Sortino Ratio? These are important factors. Then you forward test, debug, go live (or publish) if you wish and you still have to make sure that it works properly given the market environment. EA creators may have to make updates based on APIs and platform software updates… there’s a lot that goes into this that is completely unappreciated.

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