What are the advantages of the role of artificial intelligence in trade?

Ability to analyze and review very large data

Ability to learn

• Very high speed

• Very high accuracy

• It allows us to identify the progress of the process by collecting historical data.

Artificial intelligence algorithms help traders to develop their trades as quickly as possible.

• The trading pattern increases trading opportunities to make efficient purchases and sales.

Artificial intelligence makes the transaction process to be done automatically compared to when it is done manually.

• We can achieve competitive advantages through artificial intelligence in the forex market and trading patterns.

This action allows us to benefit from real-time changes

• With this interpretation, artificial intelligence has many benefits and applications for traders. People who are looking for high profit in forex should pay special attention to artificial intelligence. Because using it can bring better and more profitable deals for the trader.

Do you know, how hard is to create strategy based on AI?

I think it will not be difficult once you know the relevant software programs.

if you know that kind of software programs, why you don’t share it already?

I would try to explain in detail in a separate topic.

In the field of artificial intelligence, there is a branch called optimization, which is divided into two parts, including derivative and non-derivative. The non-derivative field, which is focused on solving complex problems, including market forecasting, with the artificial intelligence window along with providing metaheuristic methods.

Algorithms GA, PSO, ABC, FA

Another branch of artificial intelligence is the branch of Machine learning, which is focused on non-linear problems, including market forecasting, using neural and statistical network techniques.

Algorithms SVM, MLP, CNN, SDA

Researchers present their solutions in MATLAB and Python software environments.

so you still need to learn how to code AI in matlab or python