What are the best Trading platforms

Please traders share your views about the trading platforms…and which ones youuse! I’m all new to this forex trading thing so ur help will be appriciated! Moreover kindly post reviews if anyone uses the etoro platform! I used it on a demo accout for 2 weeks time but not really satisfied!

Thanks in advance!

Hi, smgardezi! I have been using two platforms so far: Delta Trading and Meta Trader. They both are good and convenient. MT4 definitely is the most widely used platform and its greater plus is EA. Unlike MT4, Delta Trading is better in a way that combines dealing and non-dealing desk in one platform.

Thanks for sharing your views bout the platform! I was also thinking to start using MT4…it looks quiet promising!
By the way did u come across etoro? if yes then how it is like…i dont like it for the only reason that its charts or not all that up to date and take some time loading.

Sorry, I have never tried the etoro platform and I am not familiar with it. Delta trading and MT4 are the only platforms I have being using.

Here we go again!! :smiley:

[B]The best trading platform is the platform you like best[/B]. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now MT4 is by far the most popular but as far as I am concerned (I have tried it myself), it is very second rate.

It never ceases to amaze me that people choose a mediocre trading platform when you need all the advantage you can possibly get in trading forex.

Professional sportsmen use only the best gear in their respective sports.
Professional tradesmen use only the best gear in their respective trades.

So why do you people, wishing to be professional traders, choose 2nd rate trading platforms??? :confused:

I believe in giving myself the maximum trading advantage, I can get!!
(I personally trade a Rolls Royce program - GFT Dealbook).

I’ve tried a lot of software myself too, Rumus 2 (FX Club), Trade station from FXCM, MT4 brokers and some 3rd party software. But I just couldn’t find all the things I wanted in one package.

Now I switched to Dealbook 360 from GFT and it has everything and more a trader could hope for.

So I agree with Tymen, Dealbook360 charts have it all.


You can use the Metatrader platform which is considered to be the best and reliable trading platform.Try with Kerford Investments which uses Metatrader 4.

I don’t trade Dealbook 360, but I do concur. They have a phenomenal trading platform. I trade from my phone a lot, and while Dealbook is available on the mobile phone, I found it to be choppy. As a result, I just stick with FXDD’s Metratrader 4 Platform. And overall, I’m more than content with the software a it satisifies the needs I have.

I, however, play my trades off my Oanda account.