What are the existing trading systems for binary options trading?

Hey guys,

I want to know how primary platforms for binary options trading are called. I’m currently looking at GTP capital for my friend and I read in their ToS that they offer trading station and web trader platform. Does trading station really provide access to options trading?
Thanks in advance.

Binary options are already obsolete due to too many scams.
But if your volume is big, you still can find some institutions accept this mode.

I can never say that a trading system is better than the other because different trading systems work great for different traders. I think it should be left to the traders solely to choose systems for them on the basis of their needs. The more you research, the better you will find.

No idea about binary mate. Sorry, But why don’t you research in detail about this or else ask the support team? If still not clear about it, I’d suggest switching to forex. It’s always better to trade without any confusion especially when your money’s at stake.