What are the most volatile markets at this point in time?

What are currently the most volatile currency pairs?

You can use something like Average True Range (ATR) to get specific, but in general terms the exotics (USD/BRL, EUR/TRY, etc.) will top the list, followed by the AUD pairs and on down to pairs from closely correlated currencies like of EUR/CHF.

Exotics are some of the most volatile and if you are looking at majors, then would guess any AUD crosses should do nicely.

Many thanks! :slight_smile: Also, are there any currency pairs in particular that are particularly suited for technical traders? What about the aforementioned volatile pairs? Thanks again for your help!

GBPNZD is one among the most volatile pair, check it out

you want volatility, you should wiat for news…:eek:

Yen pairs also volatile atm (Ej,GJ,----)

There are a couple important fundamentals today in the USA, so we might see some volatility on the market. Keep your eyes on USD

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