What Are The Problems Of ''Over Trading''?

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Most of the traders couldnt handle their emotions. So they are going to martingale or taking too much trades till it goes in the right way also called as ‘‘over trading’’.

Why are people attracted to this?

The answer is simple, it is in our mind and brains.

  • Winning trades releases Adrenaline and Dopamine… This gives you extra confidence. This is a feeling you like and your body gets addicted to so you fight next time to win again and again. But the market will defeat you sometimes and this is where it gets dangerous. So be aware of that please.

  • Losing trades releases Cortisol. Especially in situations with high stress. Executive functions that help you with advanced thought processes like strategies, shut down. And the Amygdala, our instinctive brain, takes over. This is known as a ‘’Amygdala Hijack’’ The body makes a chemical choice about how best to protect itself. In this case from the shame and loss of power associated with being wrong and as a result is unable to regulate its emotions or handle the gaps between expectations and reality. This makes you over trade or martingale and destroy your account. So you have to stop yourself from an ‘’Amygdala Hijack’’.

Mine advise would be: Set your manual stoploss at around 2 per day or session. Understand that if you hit your stoploss early, the market are not conducive to your strategy and you will lose more if you continue. Your emotions paralyze you and your biggest enemy. The goal is to slowly desensitize yourself to wins and losses.

For example: 1 win per day is 22 wins per month. So focus at first on 1-2 trades per day and by end of month its many wins. Low volume, high itm trading.

Hopefully this will helps you more with trading.


BSB Zen.



Thank you for your information. Everyone need to control their emotions in life. It is also suitable for trading.We need to control emotions in either profit or loss. You give medical and scientific terms to explain the trader’s mind. It looks different.

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Only you can decide whether or not to trade here, I have an account here and am quite happy, it’s comfortable to trade, comfortable terminal, honorable withdrawal and normal support.

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Fear of loss cause over trader. Trader should avoid or control their fear in order to make proper decision in trading.

It simply blows your account.

Everything can be explained, another question is how to deal with it??

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It seems to me that with time it becomes more calm.
You just get used to the fact that sometimes there may be difficulties and look for ways to solve it…
And sometimes you find it completely unexpected for yourself.
And this is a new level in your career…


Over trading - the biggest cause behind one blowing his/her account.


And blows your confidence too.


yeah!! That used to be a challenge for me as a beginner. Fortunately I have overcome it now. :slight_smile:


True, traders have to try their best to control their over trading and over confidence when they made some good profits


Overtrading is a result of emotions like fear, greed, and excitement. When emotions become a part of your trading habit, you cannot go a long way.


Overtrading is very risky. Trading life can become dark if you trade overtrading. Emotion control is very important. You can never give up trading if you can’t control your emotions. A lot has happened to me that if my stop loss had hit then I would have started overtrading to cover that stop loss. And later it was seen that all the investments were destroyed by going for over-trading.


Overtrading is a poor use of capital. If you lose most of your capital due to overtrading then when a really profitable trade comes along, you will not have enough funds to make the trade.


Over trading destroys the Forex career. Over-trading occurs when a trader faces a loss. It is usually caused by emotion. Faced with losses, he was forced to over-trade to cover those losses. Again, greed leads to over-trading. Many traders over-trade in the lure of extra money. To control over trading, regular meditation should be done and trading should be done according to discipline.


This is so well put up and accurate, and just as the saying goes “excess of everything is hazardous”.

Over trading can ruin the trading. Its major effect is on capital, in greed of making maximum profits, people are often left with loss.

That’s great!!

Overtrading happens when you are getting over confident or not being satisfied with win/losses and yes, everyone should avoid over trading as nothing good comes out of that.
Many would agree that Algo trading is a good approach. Just do research the market first, then place your trade and avoid looking back if you want to overcome overt-rading

I feel people get over excited when they have profits frequently, but the thing they don’t realize is that it’s not mandatory that they’ll keep gaining only.