What are the top 3 adjectives that come to your mind when you hear "forex trader"

Disciplined, Risk-managed and Skillful.

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Goal oriented

Trying to find out and not yet right so far but,

  1. smart
  2. kind
  3. financially free

Everyday trade introduces me to new learning. As of now, my top 3 adjectives are:

We must try to do the Hard work so that the income we can get will become more.

Ha ha speak for yourself :rofl::smiley:

The top 3 adjectives that comes to my mind when I hear the term ‘forex trader’, especially because I myself am a forex trader, are -

  1. Adventurous - It’s true we traders calculate risks and would never like to have a loss, but there are certain ‘do or die’ trades where you have to take a huge risk with a probability of winning a greater profit!
  2. Risk taker - Forex trading involves a lot of risk and someone with a faint heart can definitely not do it. One also needs to be very good at managing the risk for better results.
  3. Disciplined - Discipline is the key to trading. The discipline to trade consistently and toil endlessly till you come up with a good plan and make good profits, is the key to success in forex trading.

In the light of the very high failure rate in forex trading, I confess the first three adjectives that would enter my mind would be that the “forex trader” is probably: a Newbie, or a fake or a scam… after that I might take them seriously! :slight_smile:

While I think of forex, three adjectives that spring to my mind are :

  • Consistency
  • Patience
  • Discipline.

When I first heard about forex trader, I thought they must be patience, greedy and quite risky

My top 3 adjectives are- Risk Management, Patience and Discipline.

The adjective that comes to mind is Discipline, perseverance, and optimism.

To be able to become better traders in this business we have to learn Trading Skills.

Here are the ones that I get;
And, Hard Worker

Ambitious, free spirited and adventurous. A forex trader is made up of 3 characteristics : an ambition to be financially free and rich, free spirited with a soul that craves to be unique and choose the unconventional way of doing things and a love for adventure which convinces them to take the risk. Many times people think of forex traders as greedy, ruthless and emotionless beings who only care for the money. But we are just ordinary people working hard towards our dreams. I do meet some people who hold this prejudice about forex traders that they are money minded and boring people who function like robots and have no emotions. But I believe forex traders are among those people who live their life to the fullest and can be the most fun people to be around too.

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Top three adjectives that come to my mind when I hear forex trader are:

  1. Disciplined
  2. Focused and
  3. Goal-Oriented

Discipline, Focus and Success are the 3 adjectives that immediately come to mind when I hear forex trader.

Smart, strategic and self disciplined. I think these are the character traits that every successful trader has more than just adjectives. Being smart is a must in every profession. Strategy is the best friend of a forex trader and discipline is what helps them to stay profitable in the long run.

Be patient all da time

Top three adjectives that come to my mind after hearing forex are: Focused, Hard Working, and Disciplined.